Here is a chance to read scenes from eight titles–  BWLF and seven book-length manuscripts.  Each scene is short (about ten minutes) and you’re invited to browse, much as you would read articles in a magazine, or look at paintings in a gallery. Your thoughts and impressions are most welcome.

Published Books & Novels

bookBWLF — In this satirical recreation of the Beowulf legend, aspiring governor Dan Morgan must vanquish both a well-connected good-ol-boy and a Grendel who raids Piggly-Wigglies before he can expect to win over the hearts and minds of Alabama.  Click through to SCENE:  Grey Wolf in Alabama? (read more)


Completed Manuscripts

coverMephisto Waltz —   While seeking to discover the truth behind his best friend’s disappearance in Pinochet’s Chile, photographer Marten Sorensen ends up playing a game of life and death with the Devil.  Click through to SCENE:  The devil goes to church (read more)

coverThe Northern Spy –   Agent Felix Andropov, once assigned to guard Rasputin, struggles to recreate his life and his marriage against a backdrop of extraordinary political events and a haunting series of murders in 1920 Petrograd. Click through to SCENE:  Murmansk and Sophie (read more)



coverSilver and the Angels —   Journalist Constance Graham tries to resolve the many implausible riddles that arise when a family of “angels” (or are they vampires?) war against the industrialization of the human species. Click through to SCENE:  Fran buys a dress and steps into a fire (read more)



 Sleeping Sickness — Blocked in his career at The Myriad Corporation, and betrayed by his wife Yvette, aspiring novelist Rodger Davies tries to reclaim both his life and his fiction by posing as a male escort. Click through to SCENE:  Asking for a Raise (read more)


coverDog—   Once a famous 18th Century naturalist and friend to Ben Franklin, Mendel wakes up to discover he’s a black-lab-terrier mix in this dystopian comedy where the excesses of American politics provoke a divine act of retribution from ancient Greece. Click through to SCENE:  Mendel becomes “Mendel” (read more)


coverFremin— Fremin Le May chronicles his adventures with 15th Century French poet Francois Villon across courts, brothels and prisons in this ironic confession to the monks at Fontenay-le-Comte. Click through to SCENE:  The brothel beneath Vauvert (read more)


coverFrom Another World — This non-fiction account explores the lives of four members of a poetry workshop at Green Haven in Stormville, NY in 1976-67 – two of whom are still alive, one still in prison, while one became the subject of a Paul Simon Broadway Musical. Click through to SCENE: Prison life in three views (read more)


coverAfterlife –    While seeking to resolve his wife’s disappearance, a travel writer uncovers mysteries in the White Mountains that lead to ghosts, CIA revelations, and disturbing clues to political events that shook America in the 1960s. (work in progress)