Current events have made the need for finding humor in our political life especially acute given Washington D.C. (and other) “monkeyshines.” Hence the selection of these three poems.

Tyrannosaurus-Rump (in office)

We know T-Rex from its tiny claws
Its hungry mouth, and its toothy jaws.
But how can we assess T-Rump?
Long after his first full-year stump
His Twitter rants still flinch and jump.

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Bitter Mountain

We‘re camped on Bitter Mountain,
Where bitter are the views.
Bitter is the coffee

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A Writer’s Dilemma

Synged by the waning moon, hot, bruised and Welty,
Her condition was Kipling at first.
Until her friend insisted, “Sitwell or stand up!
Don’t be a laggard, or worse, a Stoppard.”
And gave her a spank on the Heine.

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