Current events have made the need for finding humor in our political life especially acute given Washington D.C. (and other) “monkeyshines.” Hence the selection of these three poems.

Tyrannosaurus-Rump (in office)

We know T-Rex from its tiny claws
Its hungry mouth, and its toothy jaws.
But how can we assess T-Rump?
Long after his first full-year stump
His Twitter rants still flinch and jump.

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Bitter Mountain

We‘re camped on Bitter Mountain,
Where bitter are the views.
Bitter is the coffee

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The Gallery of Misplaced Enthusiasms


There is little that’s sure
On this frail, frail planet—
And little that’s certain
Or carved into granite…
There’s death and there’s sufferings,
Love’s unjustly spurned spasms,
But little that’s sadder
Than misplaced enthusiasms.


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