Two Letters:

Letters that served as the magic sparks behind two manuscripts, as well as ongoing inspirations for both writing and my life.

Published Novel

  • BWLF Grendel steps into an Alabama governor’s race.

Novel Manuscripts

  • Finding Dimitri – Marten Sorensen wakes up to unravel what really happened in Pinochet’s Chile. (You can also listen to the author reading)
    • In Passages the devil rates the modern era with his Nine Deadly Sins.
  • The Northern Spy – A secret service agent struggles to survive both Rasputin and the Russian Revolution.
  • Silver and the Angels— A history of Western civilization (with ‘vampires’) unravels from the Roman era to the present.
  • Sleeping Sickness Corporate rules apply in asking for a raise.
  • Dog: A Novel for Our Time— The war between the humanities and authoritarianism is explained by a Labrador Retriever named “Mendel.”
  • Fremin – A 15th century French poet, friend of François Villon, seeks absolution from the brothers at Fontenay-le-Comte.
  • Afterlife – A travel writer discovers the White Mountains, ghosts, and what might have happened to JFK.
  • Manhattan Wildelife – A conversation with a Chinese goddess leads to solving eight mysteries in Manhattan.
  • Recurrence – The Lee Harvey Oswald labyrinth becomes a centerpiece for a navigating the JFK whirlwind.


  • From Another World – This memoir is a nonfiction exploration of the American prison system via a writing workshop in Green Haven prison, with connections to Allen Ginsberg, Paul Simon, Pete Seeger and more. Here “the Capeman” seeks release.


Finding humor in our current chaos.

Drawings by Author


I have also enjoyed writing for theatre, including two plays, and book and lyrics for two musicals.


  • Homepage: Dennis with Lucky, taken by his daughter, Melanie Claire Drogseth
  • Passages:  Our cat Chloe asking us what’s true
  • Poems: Chimpanzees pondering the quality of water at the Sydney Zoo
  • Christo’s “Gates:” (Bio, Works, Contact Me) – taken by the author in February of 2005