Novel Manuscripts

  • Dog: A Novel for Our Time— The war between the humanities and authoritarianism is explained by a Labrador Retriever named “Mendel.”
  • Afterlife – A travel writer discovers the White Mountains, ghosts, and what might have happened to JFK.
  • Manhattan Wildelife – A conversation with a Chinese goddess leads to solving eight mysteries in Manhattan.
  • Recurrence – The Lee Harvey Oswald labyrinth becomes a centerpiece for navigating the JFK whirlwind.
  • The Northern Spy – A secret service agent struggles to survive both Rasputin and the Russian Revolution.
  • Fremin – A 15th century French poet, friend of François Villon, seeks absolution from the brothers at Fontenay-le-Comte.
  • Finding Dimitri – Marten Sorensen wakes up to unravel what really happened in Pinochet’s Chile. (You can also listen to the author reading).
  • Silver and the Angels— A history of Western civilization (with ‘vampires’) unravels from the Roman era to the present.
  • Sleeping Sickness Corporate rules apply in asking for a raise.


  • From Another World – This memoir is a nonfiction exploration of the American prison system via a writing workshop in Green Haven prison, with connections to Allen Ginsberg, Paul Simon, Pete Seeger, and more. Here “the Capeman” seeks release.

Two Letters:

Letters that served as the magic sparks behind two manuscripts, as well as ongoing inspirations for both writing and my life.

Published Novel

  • BWLF Grendel steps into an Alabama governor’s race.


Finding humor in our current chaos.

Drawings by Author


I have also enjoyed writing for theatre, including two plays, a book, and lyrics for two musicals.


  • Passages: A drawing of “Mendel” as envisioned by Dennis Nils Drogseth
  • Poems: Chimpanzees pondering the quality of water at the Sydney Zoo taken by the author
  • Christo’s “Gates:" (Bio, Works, Contact Me) – taken by the author in February of 2005