Tyrannosaurus-Rump (in office)

We know T-Rex from its tiny claws
Its hungry mouth, and its toothy jaws.
But how can we assess T-Rump?
Long after his first full-year stump
His Twitter rants still flinch and jump.

A creature walking o’er the earth
In privilege stretching back to birth
That claims ascendance overall
And loves to brag and boast and brawl.
It feeds on minor predators,
(Ignoring its own creditors).

T-Rump is seeking to consume
What’s going on in the newsroom,
Spitting out what’s false as true—
Describing red in shades of blue.
And then, when it’s about to lose,
Decrying facts as just ‘fake news.’

It likes to crouch and prance and pose
While speaking in a broken prose
And often wrinkling up its nose
At anything that might oppose
Or even worse, that might expose,
Its streak of show-and-tell sideshows.

“It’s gonna be huge,” it likes to say,
“It’s gonna be fantastic.”
It speaks within its own clichés
While dancing the bombastic.

To immigrant and refugee
T-Rump’s message draws a pause—
“Stay out, if you’re not like me,
My ego is my only cause.”
And to the children lost from home,
It spits out bluster froth and foam,
To self-protect its own genome.

Then, when it shuffles to arrange
Another D.C. staffing change
With frequencies no longer strange
It claims there’s nothing to suspect
And blames it all on crass neglect
Along with rampant disrespect.

Yet worse—through actions unsubliminal,
Its ‘friends’ too often turn out ‘criminal.’
But most unseemly and uncouth
Is T-rump’s warp of age and youth.
Something that has to be checked,
Something we have to reject.
In a cloak supreme with prejudice
That threatens civil precedence,
It feeds the all-wrong, alt-right sect,
And politically what’s ‘incorrect.’
We call it the “T-Rump Effect.”

Alas when sizing up T-Rump
We hit a show-and-tell speed bump
That’s not about its topmost clump
Or its eternal facial frump.

And so we’ve learned to our dismay
To ignore polls and to obey
The clarion call to thwart doomsday
And march together for our say,
Our voice, no more in disarray
But unified in thought, convey
Amidst a zoo of beast and prey,
Without bear paws or camel’s hump,
A poet’s way to dump T-Rump.