Dennis will be in Portland ME at Barnes & Noble

Levitra Online Osterreich Dennis’ Goings On:

Prevacid 30 Mg Price On May 1st  Dennis will be in Portland ME at Barnes & Noble. Dennis’ Poem of the Month: The Hateful and the Clueless

Doxycycline Price Gouging As citizens we seek to know
What’s truest, true and true less,
And if we’re screwed we seek to vote
So politicians screw less.
But we might grumble, jeer, and scream
And altogether boo less –
If our Congress got beyond
The hateful and the clueless.

go The “hateful” might be less obscene
If they could learn to gloat less.
The “clueless” might be more tuned in,
If they could learn to float less.

go Our civic pride might swell and grow
If privileged coffers bloat less.
And if our “leaders” just grew up
We might vote more, not vote less.