BWLF — In this satirical recreation of the Beowulf legend, aspiring governor Dan Morgan must vanquish both a well-connected good-ol-boy and a Grendel who raids Piggly-Wigglies before he can expect to win over the hearts and minds of Alabama.  Published by Trapdoor Books: Illustrated by Cartoonist Ghostshrimp:


Argentavis Magnificens meets the Alabama State Fossil

The raptor bent its long neck down, a gesture more helpful to Dan than it could have realized. Its weariness was by now apparent in its eyes. For a moment it looked like a huge, haggard flamingo searing through the tropical skies above the Florida Keys trying to get revenge on a banal human population addicted to cheap, plastic lawn ornaments…

Seeing the giant worms with their long toothy snouts and sadistic eyes, he feared that he could only count on seconds to escape to land… The Eocene was devouring the Miocene. The past devouring the future. The Revenge of the Fossil Record.


An Unexpected Gem ( 

There can’t be many novelists who can draw from epic Norse mythic poetry to concoct a modern-day murder mystery complete with the drama of big-time state and national politics. BWLF is a wildly creative and superbly crafted that rewards the mind’s eye with vivid imagery and colorful characters.

The Wire:  Portsmouth, New Hampshire, November 7, 2012

…The monsters in ‘BWLF’ can be seen as metaphors for the personal demons we all face, or the corrupting influences that stalk politicians… the book makes for a highly entertaining read, and raises some interesting philosophical questions.

BWLF is the bomb!  (

In all honesty, I do not read political thrillers, I do not like ‘shape-shifter’ other-worldly stories, and I don’t believe in reincarnation.

That said, I was intrigued by BWLF, and found myself turning pages faster and faster, not only wanting to find out ‘whodunit,’ but how and why!  The characters were so well developed that I actually cared for them and worried for them (well, some of them!) The dialog was real, the conversations were thought-provoking and the topics themselves were thought-provoking.  Through it all, author Nils was able to create suspense and tension, keeping me glue to my chair…  Most important any work that not only tells a story but gets me thinking and questioning the possibilities is quite an accomplishment…

A great mix of Modern Day Politics and Mythology (

…If you like science fiction/fantasy with a tough of political drama, you would be hard-pressed to find a better book to spend a day or two with.  The book also makes you think deeply about the inanity of American politics, and makes you wish for better choices and solutions in the future.

Woodstock Times, October 24, 2012

“BWLF” by Dennis Nils (Drogseth), Trapdoor Books,… is an ambitious first novel that mixes up Norse legends, paleontology, and modern politics with a bit of southern romance thrown in for good stead, chews off a whole mess of story and digests most… just summoning this world, and what might happen should real heroism enter into it, makes for some fascinating effects…. we expect to see more of Dennis Nils.

An Adventure Story with Intellect (

I enjoyed this book…Couldn’t put it down, wondering what would happen next.  It’s both action packed and thoughtful—an entertaining combination.  I appreciate that the author delved into the characters’ emotions and motivations making them immediately real and familiar, vulnerable and human.  And the story line is laced with entertaining factoids, making it informative and clever, as well as entertaining.

Thoroughly entertaining and well written (

BWLF is a great read that sucks you in from the first page and keeps you riveted all the way through.  This is story-telling at its finest, with a twisting, multi-faceted plot.  The characters are complex and well-developed.   It’s hard to pigeon-hole the genre of this novel, as it has all the elements of thriller, science fiction, political machinations and legend blended together in thoroughly entertaining read.  I highly recommend BWLF to anyone who enjoys a gripping story that is well-written.  It’s hard to put this one down.


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